Chris Hadfield

“I dreamed of spaceflight. Watching the first humans leave our Earth to walk on another planet was a young boy’s dream, ignited. I clearly knew what I wanted to do, but had no idea how to get myself there. So I did some research. When I looked at what space explorers knew, I saw that they were aviators, engineers and test pilots. Growing up as a farm boy that looked great to me, but I needed to learn how airplanes worked and how to fly. The Milton 820 RCAC Squadron had recently formed, so I joined and grew up with them. The lessons I learned there I still draw upon daily: self-discipline, teamwork, technical competence, flying and leadership. I know full well that it has been the Air Cadet experience that has allowed me to fly so high.” (Air Cadet League)

Formerly a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, Hadfield is the first Canadian to walk in space and serve as the Commander of the International Space Station.

Testimonial published on EspritdeCorps website by Evelyn Brotherston

former Air Cadet - Chris Hadfield - portrait
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