Foundation Membership

Member & Volunteer Involvement

The Air Cadet Foundation of BC (ACFBC) values those individuals who are accepted as a member of ACFBC. As a member you are welcomed and treated as an integral member of ACFBC. As a member you may be asked to volunteer to take on specific tasks as assigned by the Board or to sit on one of the standing or ad-hoc committees.

The organization currently has clearly designated member/volunteers with appropriate experience, skills, and qualifications for the responsibilities assigned to them. Each new member will receive timely orientation from the appropriate member of the ACFBC in accord with their assignment. The appropriate member of the ACFBC could be either a director or an existing volunteer for this orientation.

ACFBC Volunteer assignments address the mission or purpose of the ACFBC and involve volunteers in meaningful ways. Volunteers will be assigned responsibilities on an as needed basis. These assignments will be consistent with their skills, knowledge and scope of experience.

Membership Application

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