The current directors and members of the Air Cadet Foundation of BC are all former Directors who served on the British Columbia Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada.

Each of our Directors have in excess of twenty years volunteer service and personal experiences in the program. Some started as Air Cadets before joining the BCPC while others joined the program as Air Cadet parents; all wanting to give back. The expertise and support that they provide today in constructing the foundation for the ACFBC will provide a legacy for future members; all sharing the same passion for the Air Cadet Program and the ACFBC to build on.


Small portrait - Doug Sutherland - Air Cadet Foundation of BC
Doug Sutherland
Small portrait - Ron Rique - Air Cadet Foundation of BC
Ron Rique
Small portrait - Geoffrey Johnston - Air Cadet Foundation of BC
Geoffrey Johnston
Small portrait - Gladys Jarvie - Air Cadet Foundation of BC
Gladys Jarvie
Small portrait - Doug Slowski - Air Cadet Foundation of BC
Doug Slowski

Members at Large

  • Tom Holland
  • Gail Rique
  • Terri Hinton
  • Ilona Turra
  • Don Doern
  • Penny Doern

Director Resources

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