Planned Giving


A gift-in-kind is a gift of property such as real estate, securities, artwork, jewelry or collectibles. The foundation will issue you a tax receipt based upon an independent appraisal. In some cases, you can receive tax benefits and continue to use the gift during your lifetime.

Life Insurance

You can make a larger gift than you might expect possible by naming the Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. The premiums you pay qualify for a tax credit. When you transfer ownership of a policy to the Foundation, you receive a tax credit for the cash surrender value. A gift of Life Insurance is separate from your estate and has no effect on its assets.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Your gift of cash or other property is used to establish a trust. You receive the income from the trust, according to the terms set out when it is established, and a receipt for the remainder. The Foundation receives whatever remains in the trust after your death.

Monthly Giving

You may wish to consider giving regularly by monthly remittance. You determine how much you are comfortable giving every month and authorize the Foundation to deduct it automatically from your checking account or your Visa or Master Card. It’s easy and effective, and you can change the amount or cancel any time. The foundation issues a tax receipt annually.
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