Hon. Steven Point

“My time as a Cadet taught me the importance of appearance in uniform. I came from a poor family on an Indian Reserve near Chilliwack and the uniform made all of us the same. Growing up in a small town can be difficult, especially when it comes to friends who want you to do things that you know are wrong. Being in the Cadets allowed me the time to make up my own mind about those matters. The older cadets and officers were good role models for me and I wanted to be like them.

I learned to respect my peers and the officers who gave the orders. I learned the importance of being a team player, that others were counting on me to do well and to come prepared. I learned to love the marching music — especially the bag pipes.

When I look back on my youth, the cadet training I received was a high point. My brothers either went to Sea Cadets or Air Cadets. I would say that we have all succeeded in life, better prepared to face challenges and tough patches along the way.

I recall once on a marching tour the bus broke down. Nobody panicked, we got out and walked for a while and another bus came along. So I tend to expect that when things go wrong, just wait and a solution will show up. Life is too short to wring one’s hands over matters we have no control over.”

Testimonial published on EspritdeCorps website by Evelyn Brotherston

former Air Cadet - Hon. Steven Point - portrait
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