Lt.-Col. Maryse Carmichael

“Being part of the Air Cadets as a teenager provided me an excellent foundation for my career in aviation and with the Canadian Forces. I had the chance to be initiated in flying and learn about leadership, discipline and aviation. Taking part in the various activities gave me the opportunity to develop skills and personality traits that are required and used every day in my present career: interpersonal skills, public speaking, reliability, discipline and assertiveness. I was positively influenced by the friends I made and the mentors I had. The six years I spent with the organization certainly gave me the tools to attack life head on and work hard.” (Air Cadet League)

The first woman to fly with Canada’s elite Snow Birds, Lt.-Col. Carmichael also became the first-ever female pilot to command the Snow Birds in 2010.

Testimonial published on EspritdeCorps website by Evelyn Brotherston

former Air Cadet - Lt. Col Maryse Carmichael - portrait
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